Julian's first commercial, showing off Sony televisions and the new "jumanji" film

March 21st 2018

Partnering with Sony and the new "Jumanji" film, Julian was featured in a commercial for the first time as a teenager watching the film with his friends. The commercial was aired on Sony's social media pages.

Watch the commercial here

Julian Sony Jumanji Commercial.PNG

Improv Performances at the Creek and the Cave alongside UCB teachers

February 20th 2018 and March 12th 2018

Julian performed on two different dates at the Creek and the Cave comedy club in Long Island City for their weekly Kaleidoscope improv performance. On February 20th he performed alongside his 4th level UCB teacher Caroline Fiona Martin, and he returned on March 12th to perform alongside Bridgette Rizkalla, current organizer of Kaleidoscope.

Read more about Kaleidoscope here

Julian at Kaleidoscope.jpg

Photoshoot with electric scooter from brand jetson electric

February 20th, 2018

Julian completed his first brand photoshoot partnering with Jetson Electric, a brand prominently featuring electric scooters, hoverboards, bikes, and other personal transportation vehicles. New York photographer Taylor Reyes was behind the shutter as Julian showed off one of their electric scooters.

Visit Jetson Electric's website here

View the photography of Taylor Reyes here

Julian Scooter Photoshoot 1.jpg

Graduating from UCB's primary training; advanced study on the horizon

February 18th, 2018

After a show at UCB East, Julian completed UCB 401, the final level of primary improv comedy training at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, even getting a diploma for graduating from the training. He will move on to the Advanced Study program in early April.

Julian UCB 401 Group.jpg

julian reads stage directions for new play, "Little Treasons"

Little Treasons.jpg

November 6th, 2017

Little Treasons, a new play by Jack Canfora, premieres as a play reading open to the public. The play tells of a driven NYC lawyer, and how her life is affected after an ex commits suicide. Julian read stage directions for the show for the audience, for the second time in his life and first time since finishing school at New York University. It was an honor to work alongside such established and active members of the New York theatrical community.

Read more about playwright Jack Canfora here

"sONNET 23" makes its way to NewFest NYC

SONNET at NewFest.jpg

October 20th, 2017

The short film Julian starred in, "SONNET 23", made its way to NewFest NYC, one of the biggest film festivals for LGBTQ films and filmmakers. Julian attended the screening and talkback for "SONNET 23", alongside his director and close friend Rebecca Shoptaw.

Read about NewFest here

Visit Rebecca Shoptaw's page here

"The Masque of the red death" is adapted into a movement piece at the players theater

Masque at Players.jpg

October 19th, 2017

Julian makes his Off-Off-Broadway debut at the Players Theater in Greenwich Village, as a member of the ensemble in an adaptation of "The Masque of The Red Death", Edgar Allan Poe's short story. The classic horror tale tells of nobles who escape a plague by hiding in a lavish secret mansion. However, the embodiment of the disease joins their masked ball to prove that not even the wealthy can escape death. This production was a fifteen minute movement piece for the Boo Festival, hosted at Players, and put up by the Battle Damage Theater Company. Julian played both a peasant watching the illness afflict his town, and one of the nobles who hides, only to die a bloody death to the illness at the show's climax.

Read about the Boo Festival here

Visit the page of Battle Damage Theater

Front of house work begins at the public theater

Public Outside.jpg

October 18th, 2017

After working as an usher at Shakespeare in the Park over the summer, Julian was hired as front of house staff at the Public Theater, their mother location. Championing philosophies of inclusiveness and giving voices to the unheard, the Public has premiered smash hits such as Hamilton and Hair, as well as powerful social statements such as Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks.

Read more about the Public Theater here

"Not Your Heroes" Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Launches

Not Your Heroes logo.jpg

October 8th, 2017

"Not Your Heroes", a podcast featuring young actors and filmmakers, became available for free download on iTunes. The cast will roleplay the characters they create to fight monsters using the luck of the dice and some creativity, and hopefully save the world in the process. But these adventurers are a little ill suited to being your typical fantasy heroes. Julian plays Vann Finn, a sour teenager with demon blood and magical powers, who might be able to save people if he wasn't so distracted by girls and his superiority complex.

Listen to the podcast here


Another Generous Scholarship from UCB

UCB logo large.jpg

September 13th, 2017

Julian received his second diversity scholarship from the Upright Citizen's Brigade. This means his fourth level of improv training is just around the corner--with a plan for the advanced study program to follow soon after.

"SONNET 23" breaks 100,000 views on YouTube

Sonnet 23 screenshot logos.jpg

August 26th, 2017

"SONNET 23", the short film inspired by one of Shakespeare's love sonnets, passed 100,000 views on YouTube. Its success is palpable, as it continues to be screened at multiple LGBTQ film festivals across the United States.

Watch the film here

"SONNET 23" screened at Indieworks festival

Sonnet 23 collage.jpg

June 13th, 2017

"SONNET 23" a short film by Rebecca Shoptaw, was screened at Indieworks NYC. Indieworks is a local film festival showcasing new short films by emerging filmmakers. Shot at Yale University's campus, Julian plays a boy in love with one of his guy friends, as they learn to express themselves to one another despite the hindering insecurity of their own masculinity.

Watch the film here

Read more about Indieworks here

3rd Level UCB Show at UCB East

UCB East.jpg

March 18th, 2017

Finishing his third level of improv training at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, Julian performed on the UCB East stage for the second time.

"It's Not You" Indiegogo Launches

"It's Not You", a webseries by Stonestreet student Ashley Hutchinson, has launched it's Indiegogo campaign! Avery, a young journalist, reflects on her love life and how she got here by recalling each of her ex boyfriends. Julian will be playing Avery's eager fourth boyfriend. Filming begins in early 2017.

Read more here

UCB 301 Approaches

The Upright Citizen's Brigade aims to support diversity in the world of comedy, by providing scholarships and fellowships to applicants. Julian was the lucky recipient of a diversity scholarship, allowing him to continue to the third level of his improv comedy training at UCB. His third round of classes begins on January 17th, and his 301 class show will be on Saturday, March 18th.

"Twelfth Grade (or whatever)" screened at the 2016 NYC Web Fest

"Twelfth Grade (or whatever)", a webseries based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was screened at the 2016 NYC Web Fest at the Peoples Improv Theater in Manhattan. The tale follows Viola Messing (Sarah Taylor), pretending to be a boy named "Sam" to attend an all boys school. Julian Hermano plays Oren Douglas, her clueless, charismatic, flighty roommate, with whom there is undeniable tension. 

Watch episode one here

Read more about the NYC Web Fest here